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 Raul Francisco 



Raul Francisco


Raul Francisco, born in Havana, Cuba, experienced a contrasting upbringing that shaped his perspective on life. His early years were marked by the coexistence of two distinct worlds. On his paternal side, he was exposed to a rigid and orthodox environment, where the prevailing career paths were limited to medicine or law. In stark contrast, his maternal side was a vibrant artistic community, where creativity and self-expression flourished.

Raul's childhood was characterized by a lack of a defined vocation or clear direction. His exploration of the arts during this time was sporadic and lacked a sense of rigorous commitment.

After completing his early education, Raul made a pivotal decision to pursue his passion for the arts. He enrolled at the University of Havana, where he embarked on a journey to study Art and Languages. This educational experience provided him with a solid foundation in various artistic disciplines and expanded his understanding of the creative world.

Driven by his growing love for music, Raul took a step further and, two years later, decided to enroll in Music and piano studies at the prestigious Cervantes Conservatory of Music in Havana. This marked a significant turning point in his artistic development, as he delved deeper into the realm of music and honed his skills as a pianist.

Following his studies in art and music, Raul's insatiable curiosity led him to explore the world of photography. With a thirst for knowledge and a determination to master this new medium, he embarked on a journey of self-teaching.

Setting up a makeshift darkroom in one of the bathrooms of his apartment in Havana, Raul began to experiment with the art of developing photographs. This humble space became a sanctuary where he could immerse himself in the alchemy of light and chemicals, bringing his captured moments to life.

As his technical proficiency and artistic vision evolved, Raul's work started to gain recognition. His photographs began to resonate with viewers, eliciting a range of emotions and sparking conversations. This early success served as validation for his dedication and inspired him to further refine his craft.

Raul Francisco is known for his unique and innovative style in capturing subjects in water. His photographs showcase figures that are distorted and transformed by the water, displaying a sense of grace and energy enhanced by the play of light. The resulting images possess a strong sense of force and movement, resembling paintings in their artistic quality.

According to Raul, people tend to let their guard down in the water, feeling invisible and relaxed. Little do they know that he is observing their every move from a higher vantage point, waiting for the perfect moment to capture them in gestures that can range from lyrical and tender to brutal.

One notable characteristic of Raul's work is his use of overlapping subjects to create a sense of movement or the illusion of time transfer. This technique adds depth and dynamism to his photographs, further enhancing the overall impact of his art.

Through his Water Series, Raul Francisco explores the power and beauty of water as a driving force in nature. His photographs capture the essence of this element, revealing the vulnerability and hidden emotions of his subjects.

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La Serie de Agua

El agua es la fuerza motriz de toda la naturaleza. Leonardo da Vinci

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Serie dorada

In the Gold Series, Raul Francisco pursues the elusive nature of light by capturing and photographing his subjects as they appear on a surface of a golden  light reflector. This unique technique gives rise to a captivating reality, where the subjects become incredibly delicate and are influenced by the ever-changing conditions of the surrounding light. The color of the light bouncing off the reflector varies depending on its environment. 
The result is a multitude of styles that evoke elements of cave painting, cubism, surrealism, and abstract expressionism.

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La Habana, 1993.

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